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Here you can find all the treats that Kax Cooks offer. We offer a variety of gourmet treats, cupcakes, cakes, and more. Click on any image below to learn more about each treat and continue scrolling to explore our different cake flavors. 

Would like to place an order? Visit our order form page and let us know what you'd like and when you'd like it, or click on the order button below.


We do not offer split flavors as all orders are made fresh per order. Cupcake services and pictures can be viewed in our gallery. 


Basic Cupcakes

Half Dozen | $15

Dozen | $30

Specialty Cupcakes

Dozen | $40

Floral Cupcakes

Dozen | $45

2 Dozen | $55


Alchohol Infusions | $15

Macaroons | $10 for 6

Macaroons | $20 for 12


Basic Cupcakes

Can be any cake flavor between yellow, almond, and chocolate cake with a vanilla or chocolate buttercream buttercream icing. Includes up to 2 colors and/or sprinkle design (optional.)


Cookie Butter Cupcakes

A yellow cake with a light cookie butter icing. Topped with a Lotus Biscoff cookie and cookie crumbs.


Very Strawberry Cupcake

An almond cake filled with strawberry filling. Topped with strawberry buttercream made with dried strawberries and a fresh strawberry half. 


The Turtle Cupcake

A chocolate cake filled with caramel. Topped with a light chocolate buttercream, chopped pecans, and caramel drizzle.


Cookies & Cream Cupcake

A chocolate cake filled with marshmallow cream. Topped with cookies & cream buttercream and an oreo cookie.


Wedding Cupcake

An almond flavored cake with an almond buttercream.


Birthday Fun Cupcake

A yellow cake with a marshmallow filling. Topped with a vanilla buttercream and rainbow sprinkles.


Floral Cupcakes

Your choice of an almond, yellow, or chocolate cake flavor with a vanilla buttercream icing. Choose your color scheme and the chef will hand pick your floral arrangement.


White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake

A yellow cake filled with raspberry preserves. Topped with vanilla buttercream icing, white chocolate shavings, and a fresh raspberry.


Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake

A yellow cake filled with strawberry filling. Topped with vanilla buttercream, strawberry shortcake crumbs, and a fresh strawberry half.


Very Chocolate Cupcake

A chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse. Topped with a light chocolate buttercream.


The Lemon Cupcake

A yellow cake filled with lemon curd. Topped with a fresh lemon buttercream and a lemon slice.


Berry Cupcake

An almond cake topped with chantilly icing, a fresh strawberry, blueberries, and filled with raspberry preserves.


Red Velvet Cupcake

A red velvet cake topped with a cream cheese icing and red velvet crumbs.

Specialty Layer Cakes

Customize yourself a layer cake for your next birthday, wedding, or gathering. Choose from our various flavors we have to offer. 

All cakes are 8in with 3 layers and serves 15-24 at $60 per cake. Approximately 5 inches tall.


Chocolate Drizzle | $8

Floral Arrangment | $25 - $40

Macaroons | 6 at $10

Fruit Filling | $8 - $20

Nuts | $8 - $20

Fresh Fruit | $8 - $15

Gold or Silver Details | $15 and up


Traditional Vanilla

A yellow cake layered with vanilla buttercream. Can be colored to your liking. 


Very Chocolate

A chocolate cake layer with a chocolate buttercream. 


Lemon Cake

A lemon cake layered with a lemon buttercream and lemon curd.


Traditional Almond

A white almond cake with an almond flavored buttercream. Can be colored to your liking. 


Red Velvet

A red velvet cake layered with a cream cheese icing. 


Cookies & Cream

A chocolate cake layered with cookies and cream icing. Topped with cookie crumbs, chocolate drizzle, and, whole cookies.

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